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Storyboards to Mood boards… why they both matter.

In the creative industry, both storyboards and mood boards are widely used as tools for planning and visualizing the creative process. While they share some similarities, they are also distinct in their purpose and use.

Storyteller academy

5 things every storyteller should know before starting a video project.

Storytelling through video is an effective way to convey a message, evoke emotions and capture the attention of your audience. Whether you are creating a video for personal or professional use, there are certain things you should know to ensure that your story is told effectively.

a fairy priestess reads from a magical book

The healing power of stories

The healing power of stories goes far beyond just giving hope to the lost and broken souls or revitalizing the tired and weary.


Stories define(d)

Do we define stories, or do they define us?  Like us they are complicated, full of light and darkness. Stories may be long or short, even incomplete,

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